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“Gray Death” A Deadly Cocktail

“Gray Death” A Deadly Cocktail Author: Linda Law MD For less than $20, you can buy a cocktail—one that includes an elephant tranquilizer and has a good chance of killing you.  Sound sensational? “Gray Death” is one of the newer players in the opioid epidemic and its use has led to several deaths. The opioid Read more about “Gray Death” A Deadly Cocktail[…]

A Treatment for Brown Bag Syndrome—Deprescribing

Author: Linda Law MD Over the years I was an attending physician in Emergency Departments, it was a common event for patients to bring all their medications to the ER in a brown paper bag.  These patients were usually elderly, and their polypharmacy was often a cause of drug-induced symptoms. Polypharmacy is defined as taking Read more about A Treatment for Brown Bag Syndrome—Deprescribing[…]

What is K2?

Author: Ashley Haynes, MD K2 is one of many names for a group of drugs called synthetic cannabinoids.  They are often referred to as “synthetic marijuana” or “fake weed”.  These drugs are different from marijuana, however, because they are not natural plant material, but man-made chemicals.  They act on similar areas of the brain as Read more about What is K2?[…]

What Are Bath Salts?

Author: Ashley Haynes, MD “Bath Salts” are the common name for a group of drugs called “synthetic cathinones”.  These drugs are very similar to amphetamines.  Natural cathinone is found in the plant khat, which is not legal to import to the US. Other common names include Cloud Nine, Ivory Wave, Vanilla Sky, Flakka, but hundreds Read more about What Are Bath Salts?[…]